Nouvel article accepté dans le journal "International journal of energy technology and policy"

Numerical weather prediction or stochastic modeling: an objective criterion of choice for the global radiation forecasting
Cyril Voyant, Gilles Notton, Christophe Paoli, Marie-Laure Nivet, Marc Muselli, Kahina Dahmani

Dans cet article, nous proposons une méthodologie afin de déterminer en fonction du site, et des caractéristiques du rayonnement global sur un territoire donné, si les modèles de type Numerical weather prediction et ceux de type stochastique sont applicables et pertinents. Le résumé du papier est:

"Numerous methods exist and were developed for global radiation forecasting. The two most popular types are the numerical weather predictions (NWP) and the predictions using stochastic approaches. We propose to compute a parameter noted  constructed in part from the mutual information which is a quantity that measures the mutual dependence of two variables. Both of these are calculated with the objective to establish the more relevant method between NWP and stochastic models concerning the current problem."

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