papier accepté pour l International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ’14) à la Corogne (Mars 2015)

On meteorological forecasts for energy management and large historical data: A first look
Cyril Voyant, Cédric Join, Michel Fliess, Marie-Laure Nivet, Marc Muselli et Christophe Paoli

Dans ce papier nous proposons une comparaison des deux types de méthode de prédiction de séries temporelles météorologiques:
-les méthode dites "with large historical data"
-et celles qualifiées de "without large historical data"
Le résumé de ce papier est :
"This communication is devoted to a comparison between various meteorological forecasts, for the purpose of energy management, via different time series techniques. The first group of methods necessitates a large number of historical data. The second one does not and is much easier to implement, although its performances are today only slightly inferior. Theoretical justifications are related to methods stemming from a new approach to time series, artificial neural networks, computational intelligence and machine learning. Several numerical simulations are provided and discussed."

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